The Production Farm

Production Farm is a podcast & audio production studio based in Hobart, producing content for clients worldwide.

Delivering professional audio production and scriptwriting, from concept to completion – for radio advert, podcasts, voiceovers for audiobooks, corporate narration, on hold messages, even art gallery tours and firework/laser show soundtracks.



Delivering seriously hot sounding podcasts, to reach your audience in an engaging listening experience.


Transporting listeners to a world away or informing them about this world, we help authors bring books to life as audiobooks.


Hard sell, Soft sell, No sell… whatever your approach to advertising we help sell your message with copywriting, voiceovers and audio production.


Big whooshes, Alien sci-fi voices, Crunchy footsteps on ice, we’ve created them all to help clients engage audiences with a memorable experience.


We value creative industries and value artists … especially voiceover artists.

If you’re looking for the ideal voices to complete your project, we know one or two.


We take the tech hassle out of your recording experience, so you can focus on your craft.

With Professional recording studio, voice booth and editing suites, our studio is available for individual or group recordings, remote or on-location recording sessions.

Got a project or idea?

Book a Free Project Meeting to discuss it with Cameron, Head of the Production Farm team, to see how we can help move your project or idea forward.