Tasmanian Gourmet Online

Tasmanian Gourmet Online is an online Tasmanian business owned and operated based in the Huon Valley at Grove. There is close to 1000 products on the website representing over 100 Tasmanian, largely artisan producers from across the state.

The products have been carefully selected from all the different regions of Tasmania from the far Northwest region to the Huon Valley south of Hobart.

Many of the products come from small artisan producers scattered in remote areas and small towns across Tasmania. One of the joys of developing this platform has been the opportunity to meet many of these producers and learn about their passion for their produce. Some of the products offered have previously only been available at small farmers markets or the local corner store, we are excited about the opportunity of taking these products through our online platform to homes across Australia and overseas.

The diversity of products produced is quite amazing and it shows that Tasmania’s strong food culture is continuing. The range of products is very diverse, products include cheeses, salmon jams, relishes wine and spirits from many of Tasmania’s leading vineyards and distilleries.