Southern Edge Media

Southern Edge Media services the beautiful Southern Edge of Tasmania. Producing strategic visual content for websites, social media and print. 

Helping your business grow by delivering clear, concise and compelling media at the right time to the right people.

“Tell the Right Story, to the Right People at the Right Time.”

This is achieved by planning and shooting content for your business over a few hours in 1 to 3 photo/video shoots. Then the images and videos can be re-purposed and distributed throughout social media, website updates and or print depending on your industry.

“Visual content builds trust and an emotional attachment to your brand.”

Photos and videos are a highly effective way of telling stories that create emotion and motivate buyers. They reflect your personality, build trust and in turn build emotionally attach people to your brand.Videos, especially, are a powerful tool for small business owners. When you use videos to share your brand story, you build relationships from the moment a potential client lands on your website.

“Connect to your customers in a meaningful and human way.” 

Businesses now have endless potential to use videos and photos to reach customers. Show who, what, where and why your business exists. How you solve potential customers pain points to customer video testimonials.
To make it affordable, I’ve created packages so visual content marketing is accessible to every small business in Southern Tasmania.

I look forward to the opportunity to working with you in the further.