The Sick Property Doctor

Pete is a specialist in making your home, workplace or surrounding environment a healthy place to be and can help you understand what universal energies are surrounding you at home and/or in your workplace.

If you find that:

  • your business is not attracting your ideal clients or
  • you feel that your environment is not a place you want to spend time or
  • your family, pets or plants are sick or struggling

There may be some unhealthy universal energies floating around that needs  to be removed. Pete will assess your environment to see what kind of energy is roaming and is creating a feeling of disharmony. As a Professional Dowser and Geomancer, Pete works with universal energy to clear all the unhealthy energies and anomalies that are within the environment. He clears not only buildings and environments but people, places, and businesses of a range of earthly, man-made and paranormal stresses and anomalies.More information