Is Your Website Ready for Google Chrome’s HTTPS-Only Mode?

You may have heard talk about the need to have a Security Certificate, commonly known as an SSL certificate, for your website.  You can recognise websites with an SSL certificate because they have https in front of their website name.  Websites without a Security Certificate are recognised by the fact they have http in front of their website address.  No second s.

By September Google Chrome is expected to release an HTTPS-only mode on its browser.  This would significantly impact traffic to websites with no SSL Certificates as visitors will automatically be redirected to a warning message.

Your website might get redirected to a warning in Google Chrome’s next update.

Non-HTTPS websites are less secure in safeguarding transactional and private information, which is why Google is making such a move.  Avoid losing traffic from visitors using Google Chrome and secure your website.

Why Do You Need SSL?

Google Standards

Google indexes and rewards sites that use SSL by boosting your search engine rankings.

Fully Secured Website

An SSL Certificate connected to your site, will secure your website with the highest levels of encryption, protecting your customers and their data.

Customer Confidence

Build your customer’s confidence with a website they can trust. 

Did you know:

  • 70% of online shoppers cancel transactions due to lack of trust
  • 75% of shoppers believe security logos increase a site’s trustworthiness
  • 79% of shoppers expect to see a security seal on a site’s home page

How Does It Work?

1.            Contact your website builder who should be able to arrange it for you.


2.            Contact someone like Crazy Domains and order your SSL Certificate with them.

3.            They then set up your domain and make it HTTPS secure

4.            Your site is secured and verified for all.

The Security Certificate is very affordable.

Its worth noting that if you don’t have a security certificate and your website is listed on someone else’s website eg. a marketplace or a link, there will come a time that the host website will no longer list or link to your website.  Why? Because every time a visitor clicks to go through to your website they’re met with a Warning Message.   You will be affecting the seo of the host website. (This is already occurring on host websites).

Our advice is, don’t tarry.  Ensure you have your Security Certificate today.